ALMogaz.Net [News] started in the beginning of 2020 as a free blog on the Internet to present everything new and exclusive in general news, technology, art and education news, it took a month to create and prepare the site to come to light in April 2020, achieving a strong start to obtain the confidence of users in view of the topics Exclusive ideas and smart ideas provided by the site owners.
Not only did we provide all new and follow-up news, moment by moment, with direct coverage only, but we also created a number of services that facilitate visitors to interact with the Internet, and we have provided slides in various fields, providing technology news and many other diverse services and various topics that are not limited to a specific jurisdiction but include All new and exclusive in general, the site is followed by visitors from all over the Arab countries.

The goal of the site: –
ALMogaz.Net [News] is an integrated news website that cares about all topics and events worldwide and works to provide reliable news sources and from research I found that most news sites are weak in content so I went to create this site and after a while I confirmed that a news technical website should be created to enrich the Arabic and English content For what he lacks in technical topics, especially that Arab users and foreign missions have a large share of the Internet, and despite that when compared to the Arab content, you find little of all the services that we provide and topics fall under the technology and news and everything new for this I still adhere to my goal and that is the news of technology where we provide smart solutions E problems computer, Internet, and other programs and provide intelligent solutions to facilitate your use of the online world and follow-up news moment by moment and show you many ideas and topics that you may facilitate some things perhaps you are something more difficult to implement, but here we are facilitating it through the use of tools or programs or ideas.

The most important thing that distinguishes us from everyone is the reliability that ALMogaz.Net [News] is not affiliated with any particular party.
About the writers: –
ALMogaz.Net [News] includes many distinguished writers and equipped to draft important, urgent and regular news. We are interested in all political, scientific, economic, cultural, sports and technical fields. We receive news from all official and governmental sources and internationally accredited channels of the world.
Site work kit
Founder: Mohamed Mansour
Director: Zainab Al-Abed
Director text: Youssef Mansour
Writer: Ehab Othman
Writer: Rania Al-Shazly
Writer: Salwa Al-Najjar

Posted on 4/10/2020